Dentures on implants

Dentures on implants can be fixed with retention abutments (LOCATOR), bars and telescopic constructions. If in the edentulous jaw 2-4 implants are installed a denture can be produced or improve the existing, well-functioning prosthesis with components Locator. 


Dentures on implantsDentures on implantsDentures on implants
This construction is fixed by plugs, socket weld in the prosthesis and abutment type Locator, which are installed on the implants. This is the most economical option for rehabilitation of the edentulous jaw implants. The disadvantage of this design is the removable plastic prosthesis fragility and the need of regular relining. 
The second option for edentulous jaw is prosthesis on four implants - dentures based on the girder construction.
Dentures based on girder designDentures based on girder designDentures based on girder design
Dentures are fixed to the abutments, which are connected by segments beamed by laser welding. 
The third type is the fixation of removable dentures using telescopic constructions.
Denture-metal, zircon, composite, acrylicDenture-metal, zircon, composite, acrylicDenture-metal, zircon, composite, acrylic
The prosthesis is fixed on the meso- or individual abutments. In this case, the denture is made of sintered metal, zircon, composite, acrylic or combinations of these materials and has high aesthetics and durability. (For more information see Wikipedia Dentures.)