A single tooth prosthetics

Permanent orthopedic structure in single tooth implant prosthetics can be fixed by screw fixation and cement, as well as metal-ceramic and full-ceramic.
Cement fixation
Протезирование одного зуба
Screw fixation
Протезирование одного зуба
Which fixation of crowns to choose is decided only by your podiatrist. In the aesthetically important area I recommend all-ceramic zirconia crowns, but do not neglect metal-ceramic restorations. I recommend screw fixation with a deep position of the implant from the gingival margin (more than 2 mm.) Cemented crowns are not recommended when the thickness of the gum is more than 2 mm, because excesses of cement while crown fixation are too deep and cannot be retrieved. It is fraught with inflammation of the gums, followed by periimplantitis (inflammation of tissue around the implant).