Implant prosthetics

Before describing the options of implant prosthetics, I want to talk about the stages from the time of disclosure to the manufacture of an implant prosthesis. The prosthetics is started after soft tissue healing and successful integration (healing) of implant (s).
If prosthetic site is not an aesthetically important area, the implant is opened and abutment is set to it for a period of 10-14 days.
Формирователь десныПротезирование на имплантатах
With implant prosthetics at aesthetically important areas there are several possible options of disclosure for the implant:
1.If the gingival contour is perfect for the adjacent teeth - set abutments with the subsequent manufacturing of temporary and permanent restoration (crown).
2. If there are some soft tissue defects modeling of soft tissue (gums plastic) is conducted with further fixation of the temporary restoration (see ”Periodontal Plastic Surgery”).
In this case, to achieve a high esthetic result I fix a temporary crown to the implant for three months and only after that time I proceed with the manufacture of permanent ceramic restorations.
Phase of disclosing the implant I consider not as an easy replacement of the stub abutments, but as an opportunity to correct functional and aesthetic of soft tissue in implant prosthetics.
After reaching the desired shapes for crowns and gingival contour reprints are obtained and the final construction is started to be made. To print a transfer is used, which at the moment of the cast is fixed to the implant and all information is carried in the tray and transferred to the dental technician.
Next, a dental technician casts a model and makes a crown according to it.
Orthopedic design is fixed in the mouth using the abutment, with cement or screw. Abutment is a link between implants and orthopedic construction fastened to it. The abutments may have different shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose of further prosthesis on implants, but they share one thing: with one side they are wound on the implant and with the other side they face the future prosthesis.
They may be standard, i.e. made by the manufacturer or individual – made by dental technicians using computer simulation, as well as metal, ceramic, plastic, combined. In aesthetically important area I recommend using the individual zirconia implant abutments during prosthetics.
Циркониевый абатмент