Message to the patients

фото обращение к пациентам

Over the past 15 years, dental implanting has progressed faster than any other area of dentistry. The use of implants has become a standard dental rehabilitation after removal of full or partial loss of teeth, leading to rapid growth in popularity of implant treatment among dentists and patients.
The distribution of implantation is affected by many factors.
Firstly, to date, we have a high percentage of integrated (accustomed) implants (98.5%).
Second, the implant system is constantly being improved, which greatly facilitates the prosthesis with the implant and allows you to perform highly esthetical works.
Thirdly, there is a lot of progress in the field of transplantation of bone and periodontal plastic surgery, that means we have successfully overcome the limitations associated with deficiency of bone and gum defects.
Fourth, during last years, there have appeared techniques that allow installing an implant immediately after tooth extraction, as well as fixation the orthopedic structure (crowns, bridges, dentures) in one visit, along with the installation of the implants. These techniques are used every day in my dental practice.
To successfully provide dental care accurate implementation protocol of surgical and orthopedic treatment has to be provided. Nowadays, implant treatment is practiced by more than 100 000 clinicians in the world. Unfortunately, I treat patients from other hospitals with complications obtained during stages of bone transplantation, gum plastics, implanting and prosthetics.
All of these complications are associated with implant rehabilitation protocol violation. On this site I posted for you the basic information on today's standards for implant care from the diagnosis stage to the fixation of orthopedic structures.
My task is to inform you of the modern European standards of treatment and possibly to protect from lay interference. The 17 years of my experience (since 1997) and the ability to draw world-renowned experts can solve even the most difficult tasks in the field of implantology.
It gives me great pleasure to answer all your questions and I will provide professional quality care. My goal is to return your lost health!
Smile, as smile creates happiness at home, and goodwill in business is a sign of friendship!


Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Duda