The choice of implant system

As for today, there are hundreds of systems at the dental implant market. Most of the implants get in the sale without having sufficient clinical documentation and manufacturing companies are beginning to conduct clinical studies after the start of selling the implants. Results of long-term clinical trials (more than 10 years after implant placement) were officially published only by the "big five", which takes more than 85-95% of the world: Straumann, Biomet3i, Dentsply / Friadent, Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare.
This fact was the main motivation for me in choosing an implant system. I am working with implants Biomet3i.
In addition to reliable clinical studies I consider important the following features of these implants: 
• Products and production based on high quality
• Exceptional customer service
• Mandatory participation in scientific research evidence
• New technologies based on practical results
• Accurate landing.
• Connection QuickSeat® accompanied by an audible signal and tactile "click" when you install the abutment or Impression module.We can be sure of proper planting and stability.
• Uncompromised stability
• Deep (4mm) landing internal connection
• Thick walls of the coronary implant
• A unique feature of the connection - no residual stress
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Implant surface

Implant surface NanoTite™ is based on the surface of the OSSEOTITE ®, which has been used successfully in implantology for more than 10 years.
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The combination of surface engineering and OSSEOTITE discrete disposition of crystals of calcium phosphate (CAP) creates a more complex surface topography, which allows maximum use of biological advantages of calcium phosphate. This technology is crucial for a favorable reaction and increases the predictability of clinical results.
 Preclinical studies have shown a significant increase in the rate and degree of osseointegration (acclimation rate) in the NanoTite implants compared with all the implants on the market. Clinical situations in which this type of implant may have advantages for patients and doctors:
• Immediate and early loading
• one-stage implantation (implantation after tooth extraction)
• aesthetically important areas, where great importance is the preservation of bone implants in areas with poor quality bone. Implantation in areas that require short or wide implants.
Switching platforms (Platfrom Switching®) as a way to reduce and eliminate the loss of bone. The meaning of the concept is to use smaller-diameter prosthetic components with respect to the diameter of the implant platform.
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This design moves the implant-abutment connection to the central axis of the implant, which in turn shifts the inflammatory cell infiltrate into and away from the bone crest. This reduces the likelihood of resorption of bone crest, usually observed during the year after the launch of the implant.
Another category of implants, which I work with, is the Swiss / German implant system PerioType.
Perio Type is a Swiss department for the production of implants of the oldest German company Clinical House Europe, which has been a European leader since the early 30's in manufacturing titanium medical prostheses and spinal discs. The focus of Clinical House Europe is paid to innovations in surgical systems implantation, orthopedics, and dentistry.
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Innovative technologies, used in the manufacture of implants Perio Type:
• Gas flow spraying. German-Swiss research team has successfully adapted the technology of gas flow spraying from the area of turbine engines for the needs of dentistry. Thus, a layer of ceramic zirconium oxide is applied to the abutment PerioType, which greatly improves the attachment of soft tissue and it is a barrier to the penetration of infection to the implant.
• Sealing the implant shoulder (SIS). Sealing an implant shoulder (SIS) is a new technology of the bacterial isolation and stabilizing the interface between the implant and the abutment. The advantages of this product are uniform load distribution, reducing the microscopic movements, as well as shortening of osseointegration. Principles of design of this product are based on the manufacturing industry of Swiss watches. This design allows better isolation of bacteria from a raised rounded shoulder and lateral conical seal.
• Micro-surface RBM for stimulation of bone cells. The micro-RBM surface (Resorbable Blasting Media - absorbable material for blast cleaning) is done by blasting, the agent in this process serves a special hydroxyapatite powder with micro particles. Through its action, the RBM surface has no residual jet material. After the process of blasting the implant surface is cleaned with an aqueous solution of nitric acid. The roughness of the resulting surface stimulates bone cells and promotes rapid osseointegration (survival rate).
All these technologies are intended to make implant serve you for a long time (more than 20 years), stable aesthetic and functional result remaining.
I recommend you to be very careful when choosing an implant system, where you will install it, and, in the first place, the doctor who you work with.
The best recognition for doctors is grateful patients which won’t take place without work experience, education, and without an honest and open communication with you.
The place where the implant and bone reconstruction are done is an operating room which is different from simple dental office with its size, seat, operating lamp, the presence of its own sterilization treatment room, and quarts sterilization of rooms, specifics of instrument sterilization, professional operating team, etc. All this is aimed to reduce all possible complications to a minimum.
Implant system, which will be offered to you, must be registered not only in Ukraine but also in Europe or the USA. It is safe to trust the "big five" of implants and carefully examine other proposed systems. Implant registration check on the site
You should be cautious about "implants, costing 2-3 thousand hryvnas with a crown," because there will be quite another cost waiting for you in the course of treatment or poor quality of the implant.
The main task of the doctor is to return your lost health and not to add misery and problems. Professionalism, terms of your rehabilitation and modern technology are the basis of successful and lasting result.