Elongation of clinical crowns. Replacement of composite restorations on all-ceramic crowns.


 Patient N, 25, complained on non-aesthetic appearance of the front upper teeth. From the words of the patient it has been revealed that five years ago, due to lesions on the anterior teeth of upper jaw the restoration with photopolymer materials was held. During examination, the 12,11,21,22 teeth are covered with composite material, at the near gingival site secondary caries was visible, restorations did not match the correct form of the teeth that transmit patient’s individual. Periodontal papillae were atrophied, bleeding when touched. Cold test showed the vitality of all four teeth.

Керамические коронки


Was diagnosed with failure of direct composite restorations of 12,11,21,22 teeth.

The treatment plan:

1. Removal of old composite restorations and mechanical cleaning of the roots.

2. Wax-up and making provisory restoration.

3. Elongation of clinical crowns of all four teeth.

4. Making of permanent indirect zirconium restorations.


After an informative consent of the patient we have begun rehabilitation of the frontal area. All information collected was transferred to the dental technician, after which they made a wax model of the new teeth (Wax-up), by which I did provisory restoration. Surgical laser lengthened the clinical crown by excision of the part of gingiva. All-ceramic crowns have been made and fixed three months later.

Керамические коронки